5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Car In Winter

Car In Winter

Winters can mean beautiful snowflakes but they can also mean cold sleet and harsh weather conditions during which being stranded without a car or in a car can be a pain. Not having winter equipment like suitable wheels and rims in west island, alaska, quebec and other places having harsh winter weather conditions can play havoc with your car.

Here are 5 easy and handy tips that you can follow to make sure that your car is safe to use this winter. A break down could leave you stranded you in the middle of cold sleety or snowy road or could keep you away from your office or work so it’s imperative that you follow these tips.

Tip #1  Freezing of Fuel

Petrol freezes at a temperature of approximately -50 centigrade to -60 centigrade and diesel freezes at a temperature of approximately between -6° Centigrade and -18° centigrade. So while that may not be a problem in tropical countries it definitely that can cause trouble if you are in a region with a cold climate like west island, Canada, Alaska etc. Being stuck with jellied petrol or jellied diesel in your gas tank is not an idea any car owner or driver would relish. To avoid such a situation you could put additives in your car’s petrol or gasoline tank or diesel tank. You could also speak to your local mechanic or garage about other possible solutions for avoiding such a problem. In certain European countries from mid October onwards winter diesel can be purchased which has a lower freezing point. Please also check with your petrol pump or car mechanic if adding some denaturat (methyl alcohol) to the car’s petrol tank when filling up will remove moisture from the petrol.

Tip #2  Emergency Box

Keeping an emergency box in your car is always handy, in particular if you are likely to have freezing weather conditions in your city or town. The emergency box in your car  should, at all times be stocked with a first aid kit holding essential medicines, drinking water bottles, biscuits or chips to eat, additives for de freezing petrol or diesel, extra petrol or diesel filled in a small can.

Tip #3  Car Tyres and Rims

 Car rims and wheels are another part of your car that needs to be checked and maintained carefully. You should get winter tires or wheels and rims which are definitely better than all season tires or wheels and rims. However the rims or the wheels your car needs depends on the weather conditions and temperatures in your area, for example rims and wheels west island, alaska, montreal, quebec and most north European countries  like Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria are usually required due to cold winter weather conditions. Winter tires are better in snowy/slushy or icy areas. In fact in several areas it is mandatory to have snow tires or winter tires. Studded Tires are also useful in bad winter weather conditions but these have been disallowed in certain areas so its better you check before buying these. Tire pressure should also be checked properly in order to ensure car safety.

Tip #4  Check Wiper Blades and Fog Lights

You should check your wiper blades and if broken put in new blades before the winter months come. You should also check and replace fog lights and the defogging function in your car.
If any of these features are in need of repair you should get them repaired before winter sets in.

Tip #5  Car Lock De-freezing

The car heating systems should also be functional. In particular, car locks often freeze jammed as well, so you should also check your car locks. You need a gadget that will heat the car lock and unfreeze it. You could ask your local garage or mechanic for a lock de-icer. If you’d like to know more about car and radiator repair be sure to check out Natrad.