A How-To Guide for Hiring Asbestos Professionals


Organizations of all shapes and sizes may find themselves needing to hire an asbestos professional at one time or another. Working with asbestos and asbestos products requires an individual who has been trained in this highly specialized field, and one asbestos expert may be a more suitable fit than the next.

Who you choose to help you tackle any asbestos issues will depend on the type of product and what the solution is. This is why many organizations turn to recruitment agencies to help them identify and hire the right person for the job.

Why Use A Recruitment Agency to Locate an Asbestos Professional?

Finding a job candidate for a more common type of job is difficult enough. Trying to find the perfect candidate for a specific field, such as asbestos, can be downright impossible.

When organizations work with recruitment agencies to find job candidates, they are not only saving themselves the time they would otherwise spend hunting down and locating the right person for the job. There are a number of other benefits, including:

  • Saving organizations money. Using a recruitment agency saves organizations money in a number of ways, including recruitment, hiring, training, and replacement costs.
  • Delivering world-class talent. The best recruitment agencies who work with asbestos experts will have a large pool of highly talented and reputable individuals available for hire.
  • Finding the right “fit” for your organization. One of the reasons why organizations suffer from high turnover and reduced productivity is because the job candidate they hire is a bad cultural fit for their organization. The recruitment agency will ensure that every candidate you speak to will thrive in your organization’s culture.

The above benefits are why a growing number of employers are posting UK asbestos jobs at Future Select. If you are looking at a list of candidates provided by the recruitment agency and aren’t sure whom to hire, here is what you should be looking for:

Training and Licensing

Anyone who is hired to inspect, handle, assess, and advise you on asbestos will need to have taken one or more extensive training courses. These training courses should be approved by the region you operate in and the asbestos professional who works within. The asbestos professional should also be licensed (you can check to see if the professional is licensed through your local health department).


Experience is another very important consideration when you are dealing with something as dangerous as asbestos. Ideally, the job candidate will have multiple years of experience dealing with asbestos and will even specialize in the particular issue which you are facing.


The job candidate you are considering should have a great reputation and be well-known to others in the industry as someone providing quality work. The candidate which the recruitment agency has suggested to you should have a list of references from past employers. Take the time to call these references yourself to check on the quality of work which was provided by the candidate, if they followed proper procedure, if they resolved the issue, and other pertinent questions which may affect the candidate’s employability.