Value Proposition Offered by Indian Call Centre Industry

Call Centre Industry

There is no denying to the fact that organizations exist to make money. But can an organization exist and thrive if it has no client/customer? Certainly not! No one can escape from the fact that customers are the driving force behind any organization. The success of an organization is directly proportional to its customer service. An organization that fails to cater to its customers and provide them with suitable provisions to support them is doomed. The quality of client service functions is one of the key players in shaping an organization’s fate. That is why organizations pay special heed towards meeting their customers’ expectations, which in turn help organization satisfy their customers. Organizations across the world have started infusing and enhancing conventional standard business strategies with new technologies and strategies to focus on improving the standard of client service functions. One such new strategy is to outsource business to experts. For last decade and half, call centres in India have been helping organizations across the globe to build trust and enhance reputation among their customers. Organizations that have availed services provided by call centres India have been able to retain their customers and make new customers. Thus, they have witnessed growth in terms of customer base.

In the following sections of this blog we will be discussing varied services provided by call centres in India. We will also be covering points like why in recent years India became a point of intersection of organizations which sought to outsource various business related functions.

Call centre Industry and India

The call centre industry in India is almost 20-year old. In such little time-period, it has emerged as the most prominent, thriving and promising industry in the country. The wide spectrum of services covered by call centres in India can be accounted for the exponential growth of this industry. Their services are not restricted to typical in-bound and out-bound services. They are also providing other services like conducting researches, surveys and obtaining feedbacks. They also offer customized services to organization that help them build strong brand image, reputation and open various scopes of business. These services are concentrated upon improving and enriching customer experience.

Other than services, there are additional factors that have helped call centre India pave its way to success and have encouraged global organizations to outsource their various business functions to the subcontinent. Let us discuss some of these influential factors:

Wide range of services: As discussed earlier, it is the key to the success of call centre industry in India. Call centres provide in-bound/out-bound services to various organizations.

Primary in-bound call centre services include:

  • Query management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Order booking/tracking
  • Order processing
  • Customer care support/Live chat/video conference support
  • Helpdesk support
  • E-mail management

Some of the most prominent outbound services offered by leading call centres in India are:

  • Data verification
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Telemarketing/Online marketing
  • Conducting researches and survey
  • Collecting customers’ feedbacks
  • Lead generation

Intellectual capital: Call centre service providers are hiring talented and experienced employees. These employees have been specially trained to impart knowledge about segments of business.  If an organization is assisted by such professionals, it will surely be able to undertake myriad of functions in result-oriented way.

Encouraging and supportive policiesSeveral global organizations have invested in Indian call centres. This has been possible because Indian government has adopted and implemented call centre supportive policies and laws. Encouraged by rebate on taxes and subsidies on resources and energy, organizations are opting for India as their preferred destination to outsource their work.

State-of-the-art infrastructure: In terms of infrastructure and technology, India is ahead of other developing countries that pose as its competitors. Multinational organizations are attracted by India’s potential and resources.

Cost factorIndian rupee is weaker than most of developed nation’s currency. It is this difference in exchange rates that encourages organizations to outsource their work and get it done in a fraction of cost. Availability of inexpensive labor and resources and comparatively economical employees make setting up a call centre in India a viable option for multinational organization. This helps them in cutting their expenses and maximizing profits.

In view of the advantages that India has to offer, organizations must outsource their business related tasks to trustworthy and renowned call centres in India.